WOODS (T&H anthology #10)


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5.5" x 8.5", 68 pgs. Celebrating the International Year of Forests and the 100th anniversary of the Weeks Act that created the eastern U.S. National Forests, WOODS features 18 cartoonists' takes on the practical, emotional, mythical, spiritual, historical, and other aspects of our relationship to the forest.

NOTE: Current printing has cover image in black rather than green.

Daniel Barlow
Marek Bennett
Randall Drew
Glynnis Fawkes
Colleen Frakes
Sarah Margaret Frye
Jay Goldspinner
Liam Gyori
Matt Levin
Alec Longstreth (back cover)
Mike Lynch
Carl Mefferd
Elizabeth Neronski
Marlene O'Connor
Rio Aubry Taylor
Colin Tedford
Anne Thalheimer
Bill Tulp

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