PLAY (T&H anthology #7)


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5.5" x 8.5", 64 pgs + bonus mini-booklet. Play in our society is often considered the province of children. Some people know kids need it to grow, learn, and be healthy, but ignore its importance to adult life. As an antidote to the world of relentless work and prepackaged play we inhabit, the artists in this collection explore and celebrate play. After all, what is art but play?

Includes a bonus booklet of games that require few materials!

Comics by:
Scott Baer
Daniel Barlow
Marek Bennett
Stephen R. Bissette
Jesse DuRona
C. Frakes
Sam Leveillee
Matt Levin
Carl Mefferd
Tom Pappalardo
Blake Parker
Matthew Reidsma
Colin Tedford
Anne Thalheimer
Bill Tulp
Mark "Sparky" Whitcomb
Matt Young

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