Nicaragua Comics Travel Journal by Marek Bennett


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5.5" x 8.5", 204 pages. NICARAGUA Comics Travel Journal details the adventures of a February 2009 Comics Delegation to rural Northern Nicaragua during the Henniker-San Ramón Comics Exchange. Marek Bennett created a program in which children in his hometown of Henniker, NH created comics about their town, high-school students translated them to Spanish, and Bennett brought them down to Henniker's sister city San Ramon in Nicaragua. There, he gave the comics to kids, and they made their own comics about their town, which Bennett brought back to Henniker to be translated into English. The book's 200+ pages of stories, interviews, conversations, and monologues (all drawn as comics) relate the experiences of the Henniker-San Ramón Comics Delegation, mixing day-to-day details with momentous discoveries, surprise encounters, and meditations on education, creativity, and social justice. Through it all, Bennett lays out the educational philosophy behind Henniker-San Ramón's innovative comics-based cultural exchange program, inviting the reader to join in his adventures as they unfold.

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