FIRST HARVEST (T&H anthologies #1-4)

First harvest (t&h anthologies #1-4)
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5.5" x 8.5", 166 pgs. TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT. First Harvest collects work from our first four anthologies (TREES & HILLS AND FRIENDS; FIELD GUIDE TO CARTOONISTS OF VT, NH, & WESTERN MA; NEW STARS; and SWINGIN' HITS). It's the first chapter of the Trees & Hills story, before we began to focus more specifically on community comics with SEEDS.

"A wildly diverse collection and quite entertaining." - Out of the Inkwell

"[T]he whole thing is a lot of fun...the vibe isn’t so much about impressing anyone with hipness as it is about expressing a personal worldview." -

Comics by:
Megan Baehr
Marek Bennett
Daniel Bissette
Stephen R. Bissette
Miles Cota
Bill Couture
Colleen Frakes
Meagan Frappeia
Cayetano Garza Jr.
Mark Gonyea
Chris Grotke
Jade Harmon
Tim Hulsizer
Benjamin Kalish
Matt Levin
Mark Martin
Keith Moriarty
Jennifer Omand
Blake Parker
Morgan Pielli
Raymond Prado
Matthew Reidsma
Bryan Stone
Colin Tedford
Anne Thalheimer
M.R. Wilson
Matthew Young

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